Как избежать неинтересной жизни?

I will not generalize things, that for each of us seem special and individual. But one thing I know for sure - for some of us domesticity became a game of hide and seek. Fears are not backed, but happiness is too fast or run past, or does not happen.

Here lives a wonderful person in this world, and he finds his happiness. And with that comes happiness in marriage. And put a signature in both protocols with full knowledge of the case as it. And still happens Simplified - without a stamp in the passport and, hence, without conventions, converge two wonderful people, to while away this life together, again in happiness. And naturally this desire nothing - any of us wants to be happy, a basic code of our consciousness. On the other hand propped up fears. These swindlers generally always on the lookout! Devour us from the inside, forcing show weakness and drained his life. Now, driven by fear and happiness drawn by, we run to the registrar, fun things dumped in one apartment, bear children, intensely cluttered property and belongings ... At some moment ...As if you play hide-and-seek all you fervently, Once again you're hiding and sitting for a long time, Lika, that you do not find. And there comes a realization, that already obscenely long ... And then you realize, that no one is looking for you ... And you sit alone in my secret place, single, despite, what you do with the whole company was playing hide and seek! Understand, that as a game of hide and seek you differently imagined. But in the end finished badly. Syuuuuuurpryzzzzz!!! Fall asleep at night in bed with the body, wake up - they are no more or sleeping more. In the evening having dinner with the body, casually discuss joint business. And looking into the eyes of his chosen, suddenly realize, that he had the same picture!

Periodically, as the current level, run along the nerves quarrel. And then the competition reactions and intuitions - who reaction and intuition muscular, he picks a fight on the first Ashes. Best defense - attack, Who does not know of adults)) No, there is certainly an option, when the two begin to play the game, "We drove the boyars, cat lost .. ", Well, that is silent until you're blue. I do not know these people, that any argument would start with the words "What can I change in yourself, to make you happy?». If you know these people, ask, write about them in the comments - their wisdom deserves respect. So with the exception of those outstanding people, No one else does that. In the course are spears reproaches, shovels insults and bullets insults. But it is not a, No! A body, which did not meet your expectations. Recharge current quarrels, but, nothing has changed dramatically, We like robots begin to fix what, what we "stumble" nose. A good friend of mine calls this procedure – "Deflection". It is important not to break the spine. Life immediately becomes a temporary calm and illusory eventful-deflection. The game of hide and seek continues.

However,, people - not the Hamsters, running in a wheel, not all master. In undeveloped wheel running comes a momentous event in the life of, the people calling in different ways: "Bes poputal», "Midlife crisis", etc.. This moment of realization, you won the game of hide and seek, that is hidden so masterly, that you can find yourself only yourself. And you start to dig and dig up the past. Or by other great people enrich their meager for quality life events. But the problem is not solved. Seek not end. They grow in the vegetable life.
Vegetable life - the life of the unconscious. Reassessment of the influence of public opinion, worship stereotypes, low resistance to their fears - all this makes us sit in our secret place, and the public be regularly or on request in an appropriate appearance. I think, Now would be appropriate to ask – why? Why live life vegetable, assuming, that the life of one? Why unconsciously becomes miserable and unhappy simultaneously do other, which originally wanted to make happy, with whom to raise a family and have children in love? If you know of unconventional answers to these questions, please, write a comment. Sincerely be grateful, if you open my eyes to what is happening. And yet no comments yet, I conclude - vegetable life = slow painful death.

Is there a way? Certainly! Stand face to face with your fears. Do not dare to hide and run away from them, approach as close as possible. Indeed, near the big things may be tiny. Are you afraid to be left without means of subsistence? Understand, over! And if it is a chance to reveal the identity of, to use their talents, to earn? What if one sad event - it's just the beginning of a string of bright happy moments in your life? Separates you from them only fear - fear of the unknown.

Friends, кончайте бояться заранее и жить неинтересной жизнью!!!)))

  • Ойген

    Отличная статья. Все рукоплещут и будут говорить ДА, так держать, вот это позиция, только такие как МЫ можем так делать. как только волна спала они погружаются в рассуждения… Хорошо Василию у него вон какая успешная карьера, Хорошо Ивану он вон какой успешный спортсмен, хорошо Ольге она вон как красива и молода в своем прекрасном возрасте и т.д. и т.д. А чем данная проекция семейной жизни отличается от других элементов жизни и развития человека. Предпринимательство – хотите стать успешным предпринимателем? Отлично, только у вас это получится в одном единственном случае. Вы станете охотником на страхи, вы будите их искать, поджидать, выслеживать чтобы безжалостно с ними расправиться умножаете это на адскую работоспособность ( а тут тоже очень от многого надо избавиться) и тогда будете успешны. Спорт, карьера, личная жизнь, хобии… в чем отличие? Отличия нет! Моя формула успеха такова: Если есть желание, цель, борьба с собой, обучение, работа над собой и……. забить и забыть про общественное мнение. Оно всех усредняет – а вот он то-то.. а вот по – ТВ сказали то-то… а если я буду успешным скажут то-то… “а так живу серой мышью и радуюсь что меня все любят”. Чем больше ты убиваешь свои страхи, тем больше тебе не любят.. ТЫ ДРУГОЙ, но тем чаще тебе встречаются такие же ДРУГИЕ люди, а они полны жизни, интересны и дают энергию и ты можешь двигаться дальше. Считаю, что человек может отдаться любой сфере и быть интересным… А пока Вы боитесь, боитесь. У тех кто борется со своими страхами вокруг пространства становится больше и нас это радует))))

    • Olga

      Страхи делают людей не только слабыми, но еще и запускают встроенную функцию подлости человека, как часть инстинкта самосохранения. Под давлением страхов мы способны на очень и очень неприятные поступки. Мое мнение – страхи надо идентифицировать, осмыслить и бороться, хоть даже на это придется и всю жизнь положить. Но, по крайней мере, эту жизнь нельзя будет назвать “овощной”. А как результат, могут открыться колоссальные возможности и потенциал еще при жизни))

  • Olga

    It`s awful and I know like a mother of a young daughter that we want to protect our children from all pain in the world. But on the other hand we know for sure that it`s impossible…so I suggest you to think about it in another way. What if one negative action is just a light version of a really bad one or may be a protection from another disaster? Be positive! The sea has a great power so your daughter won`t be able to love it!!! It needs time))

  • Olga

    Thank you for your ideas)) Actually I`m the beginner on this field. I`m not an experienced blogger…so I`m going step by step and trying to do my best))) I`ll try to suprise you in future with any videos, pictures and so on.

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